Final Piece

Evaluation-About Me

My initial idea when I first got the brief was to produce a simple but effective piece of design that communicated different aspects of me in a clear concise way. I wanted to use a simple colour scheme in order to achieve this. I first thought of using photographic images to communicate all of the aspects, which, I was going to take using the studio facility down in the Rossington street building. After sketching a few ideas I came up with my final idea, which I then started to put together on Photoshop using images from the Internet, which I was going to retake later on, to create a visual mock-up of my idea. When I finished the mock-up I thought that it didn’t look how I originally thought it would so I had to think of a different style that would improve my design. I came up with the idea of trying to graphically create the images using vector drawing in Illustrator. I thought this would be a good challenge for me as I have not really created a vector style design before. I set about making the objects and it started coming together how I had originally thought. When I came to the film reel and the Apple screen the idea of vector images didn’t seem to work as they both never looked right. I decided to go back to my original idea and use photographic images to solve this problem and I think that the out work well. I took my own photograph of the skateboarder but not the images inside of the film reel. I’m very happy with my final outcome as it turned out how I originally had thought.

The feedback that I have received on the forum has so far been mainly positive and it seems that people have responded to my work in the way that I wanted them to. Some comments are that my piece of work reminds them of an Apple advert, which was not my intention, but I can see how they can see that. I am happy that some people have commented that my design is simple but effective as that was my overall aim. Also people have commented about that images inside the film reel, which was a late addition to the design, but it seems people like the idea.

I think overall I responded to the brief in the way that I intended so I am pleased with the final design. If I were to do it again I would manage my time better so that I could take my own images.

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