Football House!!

In case you were unaware; Japan is awesome. Adding to the cool by a factor of a football shaped dwelling is Baria's Soccer Ball Home—living like no other. The unorthodox abode is constructed from 32 panels of steel reinforced, glass fiber fabric and is available in whatever colour you choose. (Colour like no other?—I don't know how I do it). Each 32 panel structure functions as one living space and multiple 'balls' can be fitted together to create a whole system of rooms, eventually forming a house that looks like its main architect was a either a 12 year-old or a class A, narcotics abusing designer.

The residence is said to keep you safe from the elements, too, being flood and earthquake resistant. Three sizes are available; large (247 sq ft) at 35 800 000 yen (£150,716), medium at 16 800 000 yen (£70,726) and small at 39 500 000 yen (£166,289). The futuristic living options are available in Japan now, but may be shipped internationally if you ask nicely.

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