Sony Rolly!

Sony has unveiled the all-new 'Rolly' digital music player that rotates, flaps its ends, and flashes colorful lights in time to music.

The compact white-colored egg-shaped gizmo could easily fit in your palms. Weighing 300 g and measuring 104 mm long and 65 mm in circumference, Rolly has speakers on each end that are hidden by dish-like covers.

There's only 1 button on the player - an on/off switch. The other functions are controlled by a pair of rings that circle its body.

While 1 ring is used to move from track to track or album to album, the other controls the volume. These rings are connected to motors that enable the Rolly to scoot around a table-top in tune to the music being played.

The player can stand 5 hours of audio playback. This drops to 4 hours when the device is in motion and 3 and a half hours when Bluetooth streaming is also enabled.

Rolly has 1 GB of internal flash memory and can playback MP3, Atrac, or AAC songs (AAC songs with copy protection from iTunes Music Store aren't supported). It can also receive music streamed via a Bluetooth connection.

With a storage capacity of around 600 songs (depending on the songs' audio quality and length) Rolly incorporates sensors that could identify which way is up, enabling volume to be controlled by turning the player clockwise or anti-clockwise and tunes to be switched by pushing or pulling it on the floor.

Users have the choice of either using a special program on a PC, which analyzes music to come up with simple choreography that appears to match the rhythm of the songs, or download packaged moves to tunes from a Sony website.

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