Creative Review-Trekinetic Wheel Chairs

This is the work of Ogilvy London design agency. They have created this ad campign for Trekinetic, a company that specialises in making all-terain wheelchairs. They only had a small budget so the company has targeted potential customers in a serprising and extremely clever way. They have advertised on disabled toilet doors in bars, restaurants and motorway service stations aroud the country. The narrative images, incorportate the existing disabled toilet signs in a simple yet effective way. I think they have produced a fantastic campaign for such a low budget design and the images that they have used have targeted there audience in a very clever way.

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Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

I defiantly agree with you on that. Its a really clever low budget add. Ad with.

And what could be a better place for this advert than on disable toilet doors ?

An amazing way to target their audience