Flash Evaluation

When I first saw the brief I was quite worried about the task at hand, as I had never even opened flash before. I started to calm down as the sessions with Simon began as I soon started to get used to the software and thought that I was learning it quite quickly.

As my skills in flash developed I began to work on ideas that I was having for the Fable ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’. As I developed my ideas I decided to produce my interactive story in a children’s style game as I have never produced any work for this target audience. Once I had finalized my idea I began to start my character design but due to my lack of drawing skills I struggled with my character design but I think that they turned out alright in the end.

When I had all of my sets and characters design I began my work in Flash. I started off well, making movie clips for each scene that I came up with. I soon was happy with my final movie clips and I began to come up with ways in which I could make my game interactive. I decided to use individual scenes for each path of the story as I had movie clips I thought I could easily action script the scenes to link each other. When I came to the action scripting it started of well but I soon came to a halt when scenes were repeating over and over again. I went to get some help and after a while of working on it I had to go through each movie clip and copy the frames onto individual timelines to solve the problem of the repeating scenes. My game soon started to come together and I was on to the next stage of the project.

Once I had the game working in order I started working on the idea that I had of the player controlling the characters. This worked out well and I had soon learnt the technique needed to script this action. Soon I had a finished game in which the player controlled the characters.

I think that I have learnt a lot of valuable techniques during this brief that could be transferred across to other aspects of the course. I am very happy with my development during this brief and I am very happy with my final product.

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