Final Idea!

* Opening shot is a panoramic track of an abandoned building with fences, barbed wire and signs reading danger, keep out etc. One of the signs read 'Channel 4 Testing Facility Keep Out' or some thing like that. You will be able to read it as the camera tracks across the fence.

* The next shot will start wide and track in on a subject that is strapped to a chair in front of an TV on top of a table. As the shot gets closer you can see that the TV screen is flashing in the style of noise.

* The TV will then change to colour bars and countdown will appear. When the count down gets to the end from 5 to 1 (the number 4 will be the channel 4 logo) the shot cuts to the subjects eye which has many images thats are related to fear and horror superimposed on it.

* The shot will then go the the title sequence which will have all the need copy on it.

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