Sensoria Sheffielm Music and film festival 24 - 30 April 2009

Sensoria is looking for exciting new work in the realm of music film – this can include fictional features or short films with an innovative soundtrack, music related biopics, music documentary and truly exceptional music video. Films must be completed after 2006. There is no submission fee. The Sensoria film programme will be announced in 2009 - expect a fantastic mix of classic and cult, previews and premieres to hit Sheffield screens in April. Sensoria is the UK’s festival of film and music. Sensoria’s natural home is Sheffield - a city renowned for its creative and technical innovation and one rich in musical heritage. The festival has risktaking and innovation at its core - it is informal and informative; Sensoria loves to provide access, raise aspiration and work to encourage new talent on an ongoing basis. We look forward to seeing you in Spring for a heady mix of screenings, performance, talks, events and exhibitions but keep checking throughout the year as we present Sensoria Teasers - events, activities and collaborations as and when the opportunity arises. SensoriaPro also delivers exciting ongoing activity for professionals and emerging talent within the music and film industry.

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