Work Placements

Unpaid placements should be for no longer than 4 weeks and you can expect the employer to provide training, dedicated supervison, flexible hours and to cover your travel expenses. Please remember this is your opportunity to gain experience, to choose the duties you are happy to undertake and that you shouldn't feel pressurised to undertake any duties you feel unhappy about.
Paid Placements if you are asked to commit to a placement of more than 4 weeks, or find that the employer requires you to work specified hours or requires you to undertake specific duties, then you can expect the employer to pay you for your time at at least the National Minimum Wage of £5.73 per hour.
Applications most employers will ask you to send a CV with your application. It also a really good idea to include a covering letter explaining why you are applying for the work placement and what you hope to gain from the experience. Creative Careers would also encourage you to treat your work placement application just like you would a job application - be professional, be punctual, contact the company if you need to cancel or are running late for appointments etc. Making a good impression at work placement will only increase your chance of future employment!
If you would like to more detailed advice on work experience please download our Work Experience handout

Advice and Support
Employers offering work experience placements are also expected to comply with UK equal opportunities, employment and health and safety and legislation. Most issues or problems you encounter in your work placement can be resolved through simple discussion with the company involved, but there may occasions when you feel the need for expert advice and support. Creative Careers have prepared a listing of some of the main organisations have can help and support you. Click here to download a copy Employment advice sheet for students and graduates If you not sure of the best organisation to approach please telephone Creative Careers on 0207 514 6150.
Also see Fashion Business Resource Studio and FashionAIM for work placement opportunities

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