Transworld 'Lets Do This'-Jason Hernandez, Jon Holland

This is the video 'Let's Do This' by the company Transworld Skateboarding. The video is produced by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez.

This is another ground breaking video by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez. This video in my opinion is the best American skateboarding video that i have ever seen not just because of the skateboarding being of an extremely high standard but the editing and filming techniques used are far above anything that is being created by all of the other producers/directors in America as this time. This video as a much more thought out and less clinical feel to it. The style is almost organic like and it is very easy to watch due to the nice mix of good music and artistic montages. The footage is a mix of HD, 16mm and Super8 which put together has made for an excellent watch. I hope this video sets the bar for the American companies to start producing videos of this level.

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