The brief is about showing my interests and personality through a piece of design using Photoshop to create a poster/flyer up to A4 in size. For this I will use photographic images as well as illustration images to portray how I am. I want my final design to look sharp, clean and visually interesting. To achieve this I will have to use the best quality digital camera to produce the sharpest hi-res images. I will have to use the photography studio to get the best possible lighting for my images so they look as professional as I can make them. After I have taken the images I will then import them into Photoshop so that I can do any minor adjustments if need be. From there I will scan in my illustrations and add the images so that I can lay them out to suit my design. I want my design to be simple but effective so I will have to do some work in the layout of the images to get the best possible solution to therefore fore fill the brief. I think that I will only use a few colours so that the colour scheme suits the layout style and overall concept of my design.

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