The Art of Bad Spelling!!

I was looking through another copy of Digit magazine and came acroos an article titled 'The Art of Bad Spelling' written by Matthew Bath, which caught my eye as I myself am not a very good speller. The article is about the next generation of designers are ignoring the rules of grammar in good copy.

The article says goods spelling and grammar are a vital part of digital design in all its forms even though the art of grammar is a lost factor in design these days. The writer states that the best design comes with the 'lavish' attention to detail such as the smallest of commas for example came change the whole look of a piece of design. He states that these days young designers are more interested in the relationship between letter forms than the actual formation of the word or phrase itself. The writer is in two minds about the subject and says that maybe a little rule breaking is in order but then states that attention to detail will serve you best professionally.

He ends with an example of word forms in texting 'You choose!!11!!1111ONE.'. I think that this is a perfect example of the lazyness of youth as a whole as we cant even take two seconds to change a '1' into a '!' in a simple text message.

I thought this article was very interesting and very true to me as i am a perfectionist i try to perfect my work in all aspects, i will take time to study every detail of my work and when i am finished i will never really be happy with it.

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