I read an article in Computer Arts magazine about the logo of Coca-Cola and who created it.

The article states that the brand was created by John Pemberton in 1886 and started life as Pemberton's French Wine Coca. The drink was later changed to a non-alcoholic version by Pemberton's partner Frank Mason Robinson as local prohibition laws changed. Robinson had the intelligence to see that the new drink, Coca-cola's two C's would stand out in any ad campaign. The typeface used is Spencerian Script and was developed in the mid 19th century and wa sthe dominant form and formal handwriting in the United States during that period. The new logo came to be the biggest brand in the world selling in more than 200 countries around the world and is now worth an estimated $67.5bn.

The sarticle also cears up some of the myths assoctiated with Coca-Cola such as, 'Did Coke Inspire Santa?'. They say that Coca-Cola did not inspire Santa as earlier drawing depicted him as a red-suited and white-bearded man in the UK since the 17th Century. In the US Thomas Nast drew the figure from the mid-1800s. But happily for Coca-Cola Santa went well with the red and white logo and in the 1920's the first advertisement featuring Santa was produced.

I found this article very interesting as i am keen to find out how simple logos can become such a easily recognised image even to such an extent that the name does not even need to feature any more only a part of the image is needed to become recognisable.

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