When I first looked at the brief I instantly had the idea of an interview with two of my favourite editers and producers, Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez. I started researching into them and coming up with ways which i could takle the brief. When it came to contacting them with questions for the copy i was not able to get in touch due to busy scheduels with not enough free time to answer the questions. This was a huge disapointment and a panic so far into the brief. Fortunately i quickly came up with another designer that i could interview. I quickly set about with the task of getting in contact with my new designer David Dixon. Unfortunately i didnt get a reply from him but at this stage i decided to do it anyway createing the copy myself.

I started by thouroghly researching into him and i quickly began to come up with layouts that i thought would be visually appealing. During my design stage i had the problem of getting my own imagery due to the fact that i couldnt contact him. I came up with the solution of creating my own font which could be used throughout the double-page spread and the website. Once i had created the font and writen the copy i began work on the double page spread. I used Photoshop to create layouts that i could easily build edit before my final design using InDesign. I soon came up with my final design and began building it in InDesign. I tried to make my design easily readable and well flowing so that your eye is led around the page in the correct manner.

Once my double-page spread was complete i started on my webpage. I hadnt used Dreamweaver before so the coding and design of it was a real struggle to get my head around. Once i understood the basics of the programme and my ability level i steped away from Dreamweaver and started to design some mock-ups from my ideas in Photoshop. Once i was happy with the designs i converted the images such as the navigation bar in .gif file so that they had a transparant background that i used in Dreamweaver. When everything was ready i began working in Dreamweaver and soon my website was coming together. I made the site to suit the lowest spec displays so that every viewer could see the page in full. I had few problems with the design of the page as it is a 'liquid' layout so nothing is fixed and everything flows around so that all is view of the page no matter the size. I had to settle with the fact that nothing is fixed unlike layouts in Photoshop and Illustrator which i am used to using. Once i had realised this soon my final design was complete and it was up and running in all browsers.

I am very with my final designs and the skills that i have learnt throughout this brief. There were a few problems during the time but i feel that i came up with reasonable and effective solutions to the challenges that i cam across. I am very happy to have learnt a new skill in Dreamweaver and hop that i continue my study of the programme.

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