Problems with Web!

Im having difficulty with the fact that the web design is a liquid design. Ive not used Dreamweaver before and im having trouble making my page stay the same in all resolutions.

The term "liquid" implies that a Website should flow smoothly into whatever space it is given. If you use a high resolution monitor, this may mean that you need to resize your browser a little, which most people in that situation do. If you have a low resolution moitor, you will still see the information, it will just be a little more compact.

If you do Liquid Design right, you should be able to make your pages display on almost anything and still make sense to the user.

But it's not just about making a page 'flow' with the browser window. The principle of Liquid Design goes hand in hand with the principles of accessibility.

Not everyone has perfect vision, and many of your potential customers may indeed be blind. If you build your site using relative font units and percentage based widths for common elements, you'll already be making life a lot easier for a portion of your visitors. Maybe even many of them.

People who find themselves faced with the task of creating or commissioning a Website tend to think in terms of print. It's what we know, after all. The fact that the Internet can be accessed with many different variations of browser, platform, settings or even devices often escapes these, our potential Web design clients, entirely.

Your visitors can use almost anything to access your information, from simple variations on popular themes such as:

Browsers with large fonts
Browsers with Javascript and images turned off
"Alternative" browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, or Netscape the more extreme ends of the spectrum such as:

Web TV
Text-only browsers
Screen readers and braille browsers
Hand held devices

So, trying to impose strict, rigid, pixel-perfect design on such a fluid and unpredictable medium is futile.

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